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Axiomtek Sembang AIoT on AI AMR

Empowering AMR with Vision AI for Enhanced Capabilities

In the 26th installment of “Sembang AIoT,” we embark on a nostalgic journey revisiting the memories of the “IoT Breakfast Talk” held five years ago in the lobby of Axiomtek Malaysia’s building. During this insightful breakfast discussion, we delved into IoT communication protocols such as Lorawan, Sigfox, and NB IoT. Notably, we introduced our pioneering Azured-certified IIoT gateway ICO300-E3827, while the ICO100 with embedded SCADA, like the Indusoft Web Studio, proved equally impressive in executing various IIoT functionalities. Fast forward to the present, our focus has shifted to AMR and AI in this session. Axiomtek Malaysia showcases the practical applications of AMR using the built-in embedded system or AMR controller. This innovative controller enables seamless integration with the latest Intel GPU technology on the processor. Leveraging the power of GPU alongside inferencing tools like Open Vino, the AI process with… Read More »Empowering AMR with Vision AI for Enhanced Capabilities

When AMR meeting AIoT

Autonomous Mobile Robot is one of the key components in the process of Industry 4.0 . In this Sembang AIoT live session, We share and present the building of AMR with a most simplified open frame type of AMR Structure especially Demonstrating how the AMR most important part is the engine of the AMR that can be built with Axiomtek’s latest industrial low power embedded pc. The AMR building Support package is the one that acts as a good guide in the building of industrial AMR for any industrial applications. This Lab version of AMR is made by Scuttle robot one of the partners of Axiomtek Malaysia on ROS2 ( The Robotics OS 2) as  a Kickstarter pack for anyone who wants to start up any development of ROS2 AMR on a Intel based Platform. It is equipped with Axiomtek… Read More »When AMR meeting AIoT

non intrusive AIOT application

Non Intrusive data extraction with AIoT

“Non-Intrusive Data Extraction has been highlighted as a pivotal topic in the current “jom! lets sembang AIOT” live session, primarily due to its position as a highly cost-effective and efficient method of data extraction, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and IIoT technology. As your trusted AIoT partner, Axiomtek Malaysia is committed to providing a tangible, real-life experience with AIoT solutions encompassing both software and hardware components. But what exactly is “non-intrusive data extraction”? Before delving into its essence, let’s explore the conventional method of data extraction in manufacturing processes. Typically, existing indicators such as flow meters and temperature probes are already in place on machines. The intrusive method of data extraction involves using IO modules or transmitter modules with additional sensors or tapping into existing sensors, requiring intricate wiring and termination at the equipment or machine. This method entails… Read More »Non Intrusive data extraction with AIoT

Generative AI and Industrial IoT Transforming Industries

Generative AI and Industrial IoT Transforming Industries

The Sembang AIOT live session start with the curious questions how Generative AI is able to integrate with the Industrial IoT.  Yes. That is the way that we would like to present Generative AI with the focus of industrial application.  The session started with the quick introduction of Axiomtek AMR Controller with the AMR Builder Support package where there will be a ” industrial Transformation event”  hosted by Intel Malaysia in Penang next month on the 5th of December 2023 and we are going to showcase the AMR Builder Support package during the show.   An announcement goes for the ” Free AIOT Workshop ” for Fresh Graduate. ( Watch the detail in the youtube channel) 🙂  Generative AI refers to a class of artificial intelligence algorithms and models designed to generate new content, typically in the form of images, text,… Read More »Generative AI and Industrial IoT Transforming Industries

Realizing IIoT wireless sensor with edge gateway and Openvino AI development

In industrial IoT applications, Wireless sensors are of utmost importance to break away from conventional wiring method of acquiring data and to facilitate data collection in a remote area that is not easy to reach. In this live session, we introduce one of the nonconvention way of connecting remote sensors using the Lora wireless transceiver where in this case it acts as a transparent wireless link between the iiot edge gateway and remote sensors. As Lora’s frequency band is of 864 to 922.5Mhz, its penetration is much better than the 2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz where with low power radio it is able to reach up to 1.5Km with a line of sight. For that, it is good enough to cover most of the in door or outdoor application with not so far distance away but with some obstruction. Example like your… Read More »Realizing IIoT wireless sensor with edge gateway and Openvino AI development

Vision AI OCR on Digital display -RTD IoT sensor to Cloud

The extended version of ” Sembang AIoT” sharing kick started with Vision AI OCR where in this case, digital meters are used as one of the source data AI data for the AI OCR engine to extract the Text from the different types of meters and indicators.  Again, the Non intrusive data extraction concept were discussed. That make us to recall the first version of  non intrusive data extraction kits that we showed case in one of the IoT summit event in Penang organized by Intel Malaysia. In that demonstration, we showed the non intrusive data extraction with the industrial ebox IPC intercepting the VGA output from the simulated machine data and the video were scoped and extracted using the OCR engine that run on the ebox iPC. like the picture below. you can still find some pictures in our… Read More »Vision AI OCR on Digital display -RTD IoT sensor to Cloud

Hosting Web API IoT data and realizing AI OCR with Openvino

Sembang AIoT #20 From Axiomtek Malaysia kick started with something very interesting this time because the audience is able to experience the real vision OCR ( optical Character Recognition) with Openvino AI engine powered by intel-Axiomtek AI edge platform.  Of course, the IIoT sensors part is not finished yet, This round we share something related to Smart Agriculture sensors such PH / Salinity sensors, soil NPK sensors, Temperature, and Humidity sensors etc. all these sensors can polled and hosted on the AIoT Edge Connect cloud, Local OPCUA, Local Web API or even on the web server.  The Demonstration continued with  Axiomek IIoT Edge gateway polling Data from the RTD Temperature module and sensors, data is logged at the IIoT edge gateway and from the database end, the data was then hosted on a Web API or Rest API server on… Read More »Hosting Web API IoT data and realizing AI OCR with Openvino

presenting AI and IOT Data with OPCUA

Presenting AI data and hosting IIoT sensors with OPCUA server

“Jom! lets sembang AIoT again“. This is the 19th session of our Live sharing on AIoT and Yes, we continue to bring some practical AIoT approaches and applications with some demonstrations on how you can you realize the power of AIoT in any of your project. The Vision AI techniques were shown in the live session on building AI data from the Image and how the data is presented during the inferencing was discussed.  There are several ways how AI engine will present you the result:- 1. Marking on the image/ video 2. in text form or wording 3. By way of Audio output. Above are the fundamental of presenting the AI data. One of the example taken from the moving vehicle on the road. In identifying what is the moving object, the size and the identify can be tracked… Read More »Presenting AI data and hosting IIoT sensors with OPCUA server

IIoT sensor to Cloud & Computer vision AI for workspace safety

Sembang AIoT 18 sharing session kick started with the AI model building essential where Kien Leong shared the importance of the Dataset augmentation in computer vision AI.  Recalling the Axiomtek AIS ( AI suite) used during the plug fest II where Axiomtek AIS was used in the training program organized by Malaysia Productivity Centre and EEPN, AIS equipped with the the  Dataset augmentation function where the collected dataset was scrambled to go through the augmentation process so as to train the Model to deep learn the different possibilities and combinations of appearance. We managed to insert a short Demonstration on the computer vision AI on the work space Safety where the AI was used in checking the compliance like  the wearing of Helmet, Vest and etc.  The workspace AI was running in one of the Axiomtek AI edge / IPC. … Read More »IIoT sensor to Cloud & Computer vision AI for workspace safety

IIoT sensors to Cloud and smart Data to AI

There are many processes in manufacturing that require heating, for heating, we couldn’t run away from measuring the temperature. Heating processes that do forging on the metal, welding, boiling, pasteurizing, Drying and many other processes require a precise temperature to ensure good product quality. What are the main sensors for measuring temperature? and What are the IIoT device that allows us to digitize the reading for monitoring and control and also provide a good visualization with good data analytics at the cloud level? these are the main subjects we were discussing in this ” Sembang AioT session”. There are three types of temperature sensors that are widely used in industries. 1. Thermocouples (TCs): Working Principle: Based on the Seebeck effect, where a voltage is produced when two different metals are joined together and the junction is heated. Application: Used in… Read More »IIoT sensors to Cloud and smart Data to AI