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Digital Input output and 4G LTE power saving router function for AIoT

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During the Live session of Sembang AIoT 29, We shared the of Digital IO application in Industrial IOT application and Cloud based 4G router power saving solutions for remote data collection.

Digital IO system is one of the very basic requirement in all the industrial IoT applications. Whether you want to detect a status of the switches, status of the equipment, counter, frequency, turning a light on or off etc, you need Digital input and output. 

There are two main categories of Digital inputs: 

1. TTL input ( 0-5VDC) 

TTL inputs are mostly non isolated, it is suitable for internal detection system as there won’t be any interference from external system. 

2. Isolated Digital input ( wider voltage input)

Isolated inputs are mainly utilize in industrial system where the isolation of the connected system is important to make sure it won’t be easily interrupted of external surges or signal noise. 

For the Digital output in a iOT system, It is similar with Digital inputs but it can be categorized into 3 categories:-

1. TTL ouput ( 0-5VDC)

2. Isolated Output 

3. Relay Ouput ( isolated electromechanical outpus)

Fundamental of Digital IO in IIoT system

Digital IO for IIOT
IIOT Digital io
Axiomtek IIOT edge with local GPIO

Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway provides a 8 GPIO ( General Purpose IO) with TTL DIO where it can be configured to inputs or outputs. The standard is 4 DI and 4 DO. It is good enough for some simple requirement to detect some local alarm or status inputs and also to trigger Siren or indicators for local  notification. We have made this gateway to equip with a signal conditional where all the TTL inputs and outputs is converted on a daughter board electronically to provide isolation input that required by the industries and also the Relay output that will be ready to connect to any of the indicators and Siren output. 

IIoT 4G cloud based Power saving mode

4G router for IIOT on Power saving mode

4G or LTE are widely used in many remote data acquisition system. In some of the remote area, power source may not be available. Hence, solar energy with battery are usually the best choice in these application. 

The AEC300  AEC310 4G IIOT router  built in with Cloud capabilities of MQTT and Web API. One of the great function of power saving where it can be configured to be at the sleep mode with configurable interval of wake up after sleep. 

The current consumption of the module going on sleep mode is about 100-120mA. When it wakes up, the power consumption is about 230-300mA. So, with this function the power saving is almost 50%. By having this function, it allows the power requirement to be lower and it helps the sizing of the solar panel and battery when put into practice.

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