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When AMR meeting AIoT

Autonomous Mobile Robot is one of the key components in the process of Industry 4.0 . In this Sembang AIoT live session, We share and present the building of AMR with a most simplified open frame type of AMR Structure especially Demonstrating how the AMR most important part is the engine of the AMR that can be built with Axiomtek’s latest industrial low power embedded pc. The AMR building Support package is the one that acts as a good guide in the building of industrial AMR for any industrial applications.

Axiomtek Sembang AIOT

This Lab version of AMR is made by Scuttle robot one of the partners of Axiomtek Malaysia on ROS2 ( The Robotics OS 2) as  a Kickstarter pack for anyone who wants to start up any development of ROS2 AMR on a Intel based Platform. It is equipped with Axiomtek CAPA55R board with built-in 11th-generation Intel processors with Solid state disk and industrial RAM. The key advantages of the Axiomtek-made Intel-based engine are as follows:-

  • Industrial graded with long life cycle support by Axiomtek and Intel.
  • Low-power 12W processors 
  • Wide voltage inputs that support the battery inputs
  • bundle with Axiomtek digi hub E-API for onboard IO controls and system status. 
  • all necessary features and IOs on CAPA55R 
  • built-in graphics that support Open vino AI with great efficiency
  • Stepping stone to Axiomtek AMR BSP ( Builder support package)  implementation for industrial AMR with high accuracy  

Axiomtek Capa55R 11th Gen intel based embedded PC with Fan

Fanless version of Capa55R

Axiomtek Capa55R 11th Gen intel based embedded PC without Fan  ( Fanless version)

Axiomtek AMR Builder Support Package consists of 4 main components. 

  1. AMR controller  as shown at the left side picture
  2. Axiomtek AMR Digi-hub
  3. Approved Sensors List 
  4. Development support 

Some applications and the possibility of integration of AMR and AIoT were discussed in the live sharing. As Kien Leong just came back from one of the training boot Camp, he has shared with us on the LLM ( Large Language Model) integration with Vision AI in the Smart manufacturing.

Watch us live / recorded live at the link below:-


Sembang AIoT from Axiomtek Malaysia