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Industry 4.0 vs 5.0 and the AIoT

In the recent ” Sembang AIoT” session, Mr. CC Lee and Kien Leong from Axiomtek Malaysia did a deep dive into the fundamentals of Industry 4.0. The history of the Industrial Revolution was discussed and the basic principles of IR4 were discussed.  Industrial Revolution 1.0: The Age of Mechanical Production with Steam Engine The first industrial revolution, which began in the late 18th century, marked the shift from agrarian and manual labor-based economies to mechanized, factory-based production. Key innovations included the steam engine, textile machinery, and iron production. This era revolutionized manufacturing processes, leading to increased efficiency and the rise of factories. Industrial Revolution 2.0: The Age of Mass Production with Electricity The second industrial revolution, spanning the late 19th to early 20th century, introduced electrification and the assembly line. The development of the telegraph and the expansion of railroads… Read More »Industry 4.0 vs 5.0 and the AIoT

AIOT Dataspace sembang AIOT #35

AI and IOT in Dataspace

During the live session in ” Sembang AIoT” episode 35,  Axiomtek Malaysia brings to the audience the AIoT application with Dataspace. The term “Data Space” (often styled as “Dataspace”) in information technology and computer science refers to an architectural framework aimed at providing a flexible approach to data management. The concept focuses on creating a unified data management architecture that can accommodate a wide range of data types and sources, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, without needing full integration or uniform formatting across these diverse datasets. In simple terms, think of a Dataspace as a digital library or storage room. It’s a place where you keep all your digital “books” and “items,” which means all kinds of data, organized so you can easily find, use, and store them again. Just like in a physical library or warehouse, there’s a… Read More »AI and IOT in Dataspace

Parking Space detection with Vision AI

Parking Space detection with Vision AI

The Episod 34’s ” sembang AIoT live session”  extend the past week topic on Smart parking for hte Smart City. In the beginning of the session. We shared the Axiomtek AI suite which was introduced in one of the training program for SME ( Small and medium Industry) in the manufacturing sector with the topic Productivity through digitalization by MIDA( Malaysian Investment Development Authority), Intel and MPC( Malaysia Productivity Corporation). The AI4S Proof of Concepts compilation booklet was published after the completion of the program. Axiomtek Industrial AI suite was used as a teaching hands on kit in the program. The AI4S program (also known as Artificial Intelligence for SMEs), is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine vision system. It is a three-way partnership, among Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Intel Malaysia. This booklet is a compilation of end-users’ Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs)… Read More »Parking Space detection with Vision AI

AIOT Smart parking display

Axiomtek Industrial IoT Edge for Smart Parking solution

On January 19, 2024, our event titled “JOM! Let’s Talk AIoT” continued with a discussion on the topic of Smart Parking utilizing AI and Industrial IoT technology for the development of Smart Cities. This live broadcast is proudly presented by Axiomtek Malaysia in collaboration with AIoTmission, the training and consultancy division of Axiomtek Malaysia. Episode 33 of “Sembang AIoT” commenced with exciting giveaways to celebrate reaching 699 subscribers on our YouTube channel. We are thrilled to offer special souvenir gifts to those who assist us in reaching the milestones of 700, 701, and 702 subscribers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal followers for their continuous support and warmly welcome new subscribers to our channels. Most importantly, we hope you find our content valuable. As usual, we shared some of the unique product and applications for Smart Transportation that… Read More »Axiomtek Industrial IoT Edge for Smart Parking solution

Smart Traffic for Smart City

Smart Traffic with AIoT for Smart City

Traffic management is one of the key components in the building of Smart City. In the “Sembang AIOT session” , we are honored to be able to have Professor Dr. Lim of UTEM Melaka to share with us his experience on AIoT application in Smart Traffic in regards to Traffic Management. In our recent session, we reminisced about childhood experiences with pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. We often encountered traffic light systems equipped with a push button, designed to aid pedestrians in crossing the road. However, despite our attempts to expedite the green signal, these systems frequently did not respond immediately, raising questions about their responsiveness and intelligence. For an in-depth discussion on this topic, please refer to our live session. Additionally, we had a segment on product and solution sharing. This time, we highlighted the PT805, a compact yet impressive panel… Read More »Smart Traffic with AIoT for Smart City

AI in smart city

Integrating AI and IoT for Smart City Evolution

The 31st episode of Sembang AIoT, marking the first live session of 2024, kicked off with a focus on the application of AIoT in developing Smart Cities. This initiative aligns with the objectives set out in the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), highlighting numerous areas for enhancement and planned advancements in Smart City construction. Central to the SDG framework are two pivotal areas: PEOPLE and PLANET. The PEOPLE aspect aims to eradicate poverty, eliminate hunger, and promote good health, while the PLANET objective focuses on achieving net-zero carbon emissions, preserving aquatic life, fostering terrestrial ecosystems, and building sustainable cities and communities. A Smart City is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then uses insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources, and… Read More »Integrating AI and IoT for Smart City Evolution

Sembang AIoT Throwback 2023

This is the last live session of Sembang AIoT and we did a throwback AIOT 2023. If you are the follower of us you will definitely remember the first session of Sembang AIoT was conducted in a ” not very properly set” manner where the resolution of the recording was actually not good. It was on the 24th of May 2023, we started the sharing with a very interesting talk about the AI Machine learning with one of the tiny KIWI310 embedded board.  Vibration sensor with Modbus RTU was taken as a data source for Anomaly detection using the Machine Learning AI.       Started with KIWI310 on the very first session of Sembang AIOT, It end with the AIOT Throwback 2023 in the last session of sembang AIOT. What a nice closing!  Indeed the first and second session of the sembang AIoT… Read More »Sembang AIoT Throwback 2023

sembang AIoT -episod 29

Digital Input output and 4G LTE power saving router function for AIoT

During the Live session of Sembang AIoT 29, We shared the of Digital IO application in Industrial IOT application and Cloud based 4G router power saving solutions for remote data collection. Digital IO system is one of the very basic requirement in all the industrial IoT applications. Whether you want to detect a status of the switches, status of the equipment, counter, frequency, turning a light on or off etc, you need Digital input and output.  There are two main categories of Digital inputs:  1. TTL input ( 0-5VDC)  TTL inputs are mostly non isolated, it is suitable for internal detection system as there won’t be any interference from external system.  2. Isolated Digital input ( wider voltage input) Isolated inputs are mainly utilize in industrial system where the isolation of the connected system is important to make sure it… Read More »Digital Input output and 4G LTE power saving router function for AIoT

Building New AIoT capable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

During the Sembang AIoT live session, we shared one of the Malaysia IoT Association’s events that we attended on empowering ESG with IoT. Once again non-intrusive data extraction with AI was brought up in the presentation. It is a shortcut to extract important data more easily with either a camera or the video extracted from the existing system. Legacy systems with operating system like DOS, Windows XP, and Win 2000 that run in most of the old machine is not easy to extract. Usually, it requires substantial effort in programming and integration. AIoT Non-Intrusive Connect solution comes with the system display interception device and then fed to the AI engine to translate the video into Digital data. The extracted Data can be easily shared over API calls, MQTT, or text files. Of course with AIoT edge connect cloud platform or… Read More »Building New AIoT capable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Axiomtek Malaysia team in Intel industrial transformation solutions day

AIoT for industrial transformation

“Sembang AIoT” Live session kick-started with introducing the AIoT Edge Connect Cloud platform for all the users who wanted their data to be visualized and managed at the cloud platform. There are so many of the PLCs at the shop floors that require great attention where valuable data on the machines, instruments, and equipment is of utmost importance in making sure the process is running as per requirement. Visualization of data via dashboard, receiving alerts when the process is out of control, and finally, building data historians for future optimization via ML AI techniques can be achieved.   Two gateway solutions were highlighted. Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway AEC100 and 4G mobile router gateway AEC310. Both of them can effectively take care of almost all data from the different types and models of PLCs. Different sets of machines have different PLCs installed.… Read More »AIoT for industrial transformation