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AIoT for industrial transformation

Axiomtek Malaysia team in Intel industrial transformation solutions day

“Sembang AIoT” Live session kick-started with introducing the AIoT Edge Connect Cloud platform for all the users who wanted their data to be visualized and managed at the cloud platform. There are so many of the PLCs at the shop floors that require great attention where valuable data on the machines, instruments, and equipment is of utmost importance in making sure the process is running as per requirement. Visualization of data via dashboard, receiving alerts when the process is out of control, and finally, building data historians for future optimization via ML AI techniques can be achieved.  

Two gateway solutions were highlighted. Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway AEC100 and 4G mobile router gateway AEC310.

Both of them can effectively take care of almost all data from the different types and models of PLCs. Different sets of machines have different PLCs installed. Examples like Siemens PLCs, Omron PLCs, Allen Bradley PLCs, Mitsubishi PLCs, and Panasonics PLCs are common in most of the machines. Each brand of the PLC has different communication protocols. To handle the data from the PLCs, Axiomtek AEC100 embedded with the IIoT software tool can be configured to request necessary data from the said PLCs.

IIoT edge gateway solution for PLC to cloud

AMR Demo

AMR prototyping from Axiomtek AMR BSP


One of the main focus item being demonstrated is the AMR in a prototype form. It is powered by the CAPA55R- 11th gen I5 intel processor on a 3.5″ form factor. Equipped with Intel Realsense 3D cameras, LiDAR as main sensors in this unit is sufficient for us to highlight some features from the Axiomtek Builder support Packages.  

Axiomtek Anomaly AI detection demonstrates the Power of built-in Graphics that allow OpenVino ( Intel AI inferencing tool)  to perform an efficient Vision AI 

Vision AI Anomaly Detection

Axiomtek anomaly Vision AI

Axiomtek AMR Builder Support Sample configuration

AMR builder support highlight
sample of Axiomtek Builder Support package architecture

Axiomtek Robox500 is one of the key item highlighted in the breakout session with Mr. CCLee, Director of Axiomtek Malaysia and Mr. Cynric product Manager of Axiomtek HQ presenting on the title Axiomtek AMR Builder Suppport Package accelerate the Time To Market.

Prototype AMR built with Axiomtek Builder Support Package

Intel Meteor lake

Two main announcement at the event that is related to the AI are the launching of the latest Intel processors. It is not called a 15th gen any more, It is now Core Ultra. Finally, the Intel ARC GPU. There are divided in 3 categories with different performance from 3,5 and 7 series where A770 is one of the highest end published.

To get to know more in a 40 min Live sharing Session:-