About Us

Axiomtek Malaysia #1 Industrial computer system and Best AIoT partner in Malaysia.

Axiomtek Malaysia (AXMY) stands as a pivotal player in the realm of industrial computing and embedded systems within the Southeast Asian region.
Established through a franchised partner program with Axiomtek Taiwan, AXMY offers prompt local support and expertise in delivering tailored solutions
to various industrial computing fields.

Within the domain of Industrial IoT, AI, and SCADA Automation, Axiomtek Malaysia boasts an expansive geographical footprint across Southeast Asia.
Collaborating with local partners in countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Myanmar,
we provide specialized training and consultancy services. Our projects span smart manufacturing, digital urban developments, and intelligent agriculture initiatives.

Collaborating closely with local system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs), AXMY caters to a wide array of industries including telecommunication, machine making, ICT security, manufacturing, surveillance, transportation, entertainment, government sectors, information technology, science, engineering, and education.
Axiomtek, headquartered in Taiwan since 1990, has gained global recognition for its innovative designs and customer satisfaction in the industrial computer and embedded field.

Offering a comprehensive range of products including embedded boards, single board computers, industrial barebones, network appliances, touch panel computers,
and digital signage solutions, Axiomtek prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art solutions tailored to various vertical markets.
With a commitment to corporate social responsibility, Axiomtek fosters a work environment that values excellence in quality, results, and employee ethics.

Through its dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions, Axiomtek Malaysia continues to be a trusted partner for industrial computing needs,
empowering businesses to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.
Our services extend to bespoke OEM and ODM solutions, where we customize systems or embedded systems based on our clients’ unique requirements. Our coverage areas include:

1. AIoT Edge Embedded Systems for diverse applications.
2. Industry 4.0 Solutions: Encompassing data collection on shop floors, SCADA integration, and cloud platform linkage.
3. Automation: Including machine automation, robotics, and Vision AI systems.
4. Transportation: Covering passenger information systems, railway surveillance, and both vehicular and marine automation systems.
5. Smart Retail: Digital signage systems.
6. Cybersecurity: Solutions ranging from SD-WAN and firewalls to routers and NFV.
7. Tailored OEM and ODM solutions.

In the age of digitalization, Axiomtek Malaysia plays a pivotal role by offering cutting-edge AI and Industrial IoT solutions and platforms, facilitating transformative advancements across industries. Spanning from field-level operations to cloud-based applications, our comprehensive suite includes data collection solutions, industrial computing platforms, and Vision AI technologies tailored to address the diverse requirements of industrial transformation processes.



Strong know-how

With over 25 years of expertise in delivering industrial PC-based systems and solutions, we boast a team of dedicated software engineers proficient in handling various levels of industrial computing applications.


Dedicated & committed support

We offer dedicated support personnel alongside well-trained engineers to assist with your requirements both before and after sales. Additionally, our specialized team of engineers focuses on analyzing customer needs relevant to their projects.



We persist in offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to the market, incorporating new technologies to streamline integration processes.

This website is tailor-made for our esteemed customers and partners, providing easy access to Axiomtek’s industrial computer solutions. We showcase relevant solutions directly applicable to various industries, facilitating a swift response to market demands and expediting the time-to-market process for our partners in constructing dependable and cost-effective industrial computing platforms.

Smart City

We offer industrial IoT gateways  for Smart City 

Smart Manufacturing

We provide full Industrial IoT and AI solutions that serve the Industry 4.0

Cyber Security

We offer reliable network appliance systems and servers