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Axiomtek Malaysia is the #1 industrial computer provider in Malaysia offering a full range of AI and Industrial IoT solutions, computer-based machine builder solutions, Transportation solutions, Cybersecurity solutions, and OEM and ODM solutions that covers a variety of products as below:-

  • Industrial computer system /Automation Industrial PC
  • industrial embedded system
  • industrial Touch panel PC system
  • Industrial IoT edge gateway and HMI
  • Industrial AI Edge and Edge Server
  • 19″ Rackmount servers and IPC
  • IIoT SCADA and HMI software tools

AIOT solutions

AI Vision in Classification for Electronics Industry With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, the electronic hardware manufacturers working within extremely tight tolerances increasingly look to AI solutions to expand its inspection capabilities to increase yield, improve product quality, and increase operational efficiency. With the unique ability to label the images or videos, the deep learning-based classification has become an appealing option for the electronics industry. It can identify objects on the production line with the best level of accuracy. For electronic hardware manufacturers, all components that vary in shapes, sizes and locations must be carefully inspected and classified early in the production process. They need an over-all and efficient AI-based solution to perform deep learning training and inference tasks to increase inspection speed and accuracy. The solution must use a high-performance Intel® Core™-based AI… Read More »AIOT solutions

Industrial automation

Smart Manufacturing The emergence of high performance, intelligent industrial computer solutions has led to the rise of smart manufacturing. The use of robotics and machine vision in warehouses and production lines has resulted in higher efficiency and quality product output, as well as less waste of raw materials. It also lessened the need for human labor due to the machines’ ability to examine items on the production line and accurately detect defects faster. There has been significant process improvements in factories that led to more productivity and faster logistics fulfillment. Predictive maintenance, which involves monitoring the condition of machines and “predicting” when the machines will start to fail, has allowed companies to conduct maintenance on them in advance to eliminate the risk of costly downtimes. The building blocks for smart manufacturing involves the right software, as well as versatile, feature-rich… Read More »Industrial automation

Network security solutions

Industrial Cybersecurity As we enter the era of IoT (Internet of Things), cyberattacks in industrial appliances are on the rise. Cybersecurity has become a central concern amongst industrial automation and control system users and vendors. While IoT brings tremendous convenience and valuable insights to help optimize business operations, fast-growing numbers of connected devices also create possible vulnerabilities where data could be stolen or misused. As enterprises strive to regulate their increasingly complex networks, the ability to ensure cybersecurity compliance and data protection has never been more important. Axiomtek provides a wide range of network appliances featuring high-performance processors, rich interfaces, multiple communication options and flexibility for versatile security gateway applications. Our network appliances are designed for network security OEMs/ODMs, medium to large data centers and cybersecurity system integrators. They can support manufacturing or logistics operations and are an ideal solution… Read More »Network security solutions

IIoT Edge and HMI Edge gateway

industrial IoT

Axiomtek Malaysia – #1 industrial IoT solutions provider in Southeast Asia. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is on the rise. While continuously driven by technologies like the cloud, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI), global IIoT expansion is gaining further momentum as we are headed towards 5G (the fifth generation of mobile network technology), which promises to bring the fastest wireless connection ever experienced. This ongoing proliferation of IIoT has started to transform a great many aspects of present-day lifestyle: from automated assembly lines where remotely controlled robots are at work, to smart farms utilizing sensors to monitor subtle environmental changes, or smart cities relying on intelligent transportation facilities to regulate public commuting services. IIoT is not just remodeling the way businesses operate – it is essentially going to redefine how people live in a world of ubiquitous connectivity… Read More »industrial IoT