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Parking Space detection with Vision AI

Parking Space detection with Vision AI

The Episod 34’s ” sembang AIoT live session”  extend the past week topic on Smart parking for hte Smart City. 

In the beginning of the session. We shared the Axiomtek AI suite which was introduced in one of the training program for SME ( Small and medium Industry) in the manufacturing sector with the topic Productivity through digitalization by MIDA( Malaysian Investment Development Authority), Intel and MPC( Malaysia Productivity Corporation). The AI4S Proof of Concepts compilation booklet was published after the completion of the program. 

AI4S SME POC project compilation
AI4S starter kit

Axiomtek Industrial AI suite was used as a teaching hands on kit in the program. The AI4S program (also known as Artificial
Intelligence for SMEs), is an Artificial
Intelligence (AI) based machine vision system. It is a three-way partnership, among Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Intel Malaysia. This booklet is a compilation of end-users’ Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) projects as a result of the experiential training provided to the participants

AI4S Vision AI Suite

Features of the AI4S : 

  • Integrated high performance Intel® Core™-based AI edge platform, intelligence camera and deep learning software
  • Built-in Axiomtek AI Suite (AIS) based on Intel® Edge Software Hub for Industrial to implement from deep-learning training to inference
  • User-friendly experience and well-developed model management
  • Application-ready package for industrial automation, retail, smart city, etc.

Parking Space detection with Vision AI

parking space detection with AI

Smart parking is a pivotal component of building smarter cities, addressing urban congestion and enhancing the overall quality of urban living. Leveraging Vision AI in smart parking systems significantly contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of this concept. Vision AI utilizes cameras and sensors to monitor parking spaces in real-time, providing valuable data on parking availability and occupancy.

With the help of Vision AI, smart parking systems can accurately detect and analyze the status of parking spaces, allowing users to locate available spots effortlessly through mobile apps or other digital platforms. This technology not only minimizes the time spent searching for parking but also reduces traffic congestion and lowers carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly urban environment.

Furthermore, Vision AI can optimize parking space allocation, facilitating dynamic pricing models and incentivizing more efficient use of parking resources. This data-driven approach enables cities to make informed decisions on parking policies, traffic management, and infrastructure development. By integrating Vision AI into smart parking initiatives, cities can transform their urban landscapes, enhancing the overall mobility experience for residents and visitors while promoting a greener and more connected future.

demonstration of AI in parking Space detection

A Live demo on the AI parking Space detection was performed with one of the AIoT appliances with deep learning AI model detecting the parking space with vehicle counting capability. 

Watch us live in our youtube channel.