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Axiomtek Industrial IoT Edge for Smart Parking solution

AIOT Smart parking display

On January 19, 2024, our event titled “JOM! Let’s Talk AIoT” continued with a discussion on the topic of Smart Parking utilizing AI and Industrial IoT technology for the development of Smart Cities. This live broadcast is proudly presented by Axiomtek Malaysia in collaboration with AIoTmission, the training and consultancy division of Axiomtek Malaysia.

Episode 33 of “Sembang AIoT” commenced with exciting giveaways to celebrate reaching 699 subscribers on our YouTube channel. We are thrilled to offer special souvenir gifts to those who assist us in reaching the milestones of 700, 701, and 702 subscribers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal followers for their continuous support and warmly welcome new subscribers to our channels. Most importantly, we hope you find our content valuable.

smart Transport Axiomtek Tbox

As usual, we shared some of the unique product and applications for Smart Transportation that falls under the development of a digital city. When you happen to work on some Transportation applications or projects, you may explore the Axiomtek TBOX series where we have several certifications that allow you to apply these boxes on the railway train. Some of these certifications are  En50155, En 45545-2, Iso7637-2,E-Mark ( E13 / E24), IEC609045, DNV2.4 etc. 

These boxes are very suited for smart Transport applications like the Graphical display system at the train station or on the train, IoT applications on the train, and Vision AI analytic system within the train. 

In this live, we brought up one of the low-power Tbox810 . This is one of the intel-based Atom low power embedded which is best for add-on to some MRT or LRT onboard IOT monitoring applications. 


We shared some case studies on Smart parking within building like those installed at the Mall parking area, where the incoming cars can be diverted to some areas with more parking space by incators. although this is not a new thing the impact is good in the sense of avoiding congestion and regulating traffic within the parking area.  The other set of LPR ( license Plate recognition) is used in some of the malls that provide license plate recognition and parking fee collection. This application seems to be smooth running and it should come to the maturity state.   

We demonstrate the counting of the incoming vehicle entering and exit the parking space where the balance parking space is projected at the Dot matrix Display panel.  For IoT sake, we included the AIOT Edge Connect Cloud capability where the tracking data of all the counts can be seen at the cloud level.  The communication to and from the cloud is made possible where you can even publish those data directly to the display panel from the Remote. 

All of the above function is powered by our AIOT Appliances  

Aiot Edge Connect cloud integration to Smart Parking

“Demonstration of remote Tablet connected to Cloud for direction interaction of the Smart Parking Display panel”

Watch us live at the youtube channel