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Remote debug and program your machine

Machine builder remote Debug or programming solutions

Being one of the key vendors to many of the machine makers in this region, Axiomtek Malaysia has never stopped thinking about some of the machine maker’s needs. One of the applications is about the basic needs during the pandemic and restriction of moving around tends to be a big challenge for support and also during the preliminary buy off of the machine by their customers. Many of the times, the software engineer requires remote login and remote programming and modifying of their programs.

We are pleased to offer you an LTE / 4G router solution that supports Open VPN  with a secure tunneling network where you can access the machine anywhere at any time.

One of the reasons is, the new machine bounds to have some debugging and modifying of programs or codes in the Industrial PC or PLC. During the period of the pandemic, remote Access has becoming more and more important as there is a lot of restrictions on traveling. how are you going to achieve that with direct plug-and-play solutions?

We offer VPN routers over mobile networks. As long as the machine is attached to the router, in this case, NR 300 and  NR 500 with SIM card. You are able to remotely connect to your machine once the VPN is establised.

Some of the benefits are:-

  • Secured private network topology – Where the connection is via tunneling and there is no possibility of hacking or sabotaging from the hackers.
  • Option 1 Peer to peer configuration  – Peer to peer option, you do not need to subscribe or pay to the VPN hosting services
  • Option 2. Cloud Open VPN configuration – easy access anywhere any time and limited to 3 connections ( F.O.C)  – More connections to be subscribed to the OPEN VPN cloud hosting.
  • Isolate the network without interfering client’s network.


This solution is specially offered to Axiomtek Malaysia’s customers. You just need to purchase the router from us and we will offer you a step-by-step hands on to achieve that.

To find out more option of 4G or 5G router. please visit the link 


wanting to know more .. WhatsApp to us at 0179698026  or email us at [email protected]y.

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