AIoT IntelliFace Hub

AIoT Intelliface Hub


  • Dynamic Facial recognition with Vision AI
  • support 2 /4 cameras IP Camera inputs ( depending on the video resolution)
  • Ready AI model with up to 99.6% accuracy
  • Edge AI platform with no additional plug-in GPU
  • Low power solutions
  • Event-triggered Video recording support
  • Web API interface available for integration.
  • TCPIP Socket Data push
  • Support AIoT Edge Connect Cloud over MQTT  / monitoring over Cloud with alert messaging support
  • Local IO – 4 Digital inputs and 4 Digital outputs for sensing and trigger ( for lock / Siren / Alarm)
  • On the fly add on the user’s face

The Vision AI facial Recognition appliance the Intelliface HUB is powered by high-performance, power-efficient, and abundant I/O interfaces in a compact industrial PC system. The fanless yet low-power embedded system can operate under wide temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C with 0.7 m/s airflows and endure up to 50G shock and 3Grms vibration. Moreover, it features two independent 4K Ultra HD displays through its DisplayPort++ and HDMI for multi-display applications.


AIoT Intelliface Hub

Introducing IntelliFace Hub: Revolutionize your AIoT experience with our state-of-the-art Vision AI Facial Recognition system. Designed for seamless integration into your smart ecosystem, IntelliFace Hub offers unparalleled accuracy, real-time processing, and adaptive learning capabilities. Enhance security, personalize interactions, and embark on the future of intelligent surveillance today. Discover how IntelliFace Hub is redefining convenience and safety in the world of AIoT appliances.

AIOT intelliface Hub



  1. Home Security: Integration with smart home systems for enhanced security through facial recognition of family members, guests, and intruders.
  2. Access Control in Offices: Secure and efficient entry management for employees and visitors, replacing traditional ID cards and access codes.
  3. Retail Analytics: Identifying returning customers, analyzing customer demographics, and personalizing the shopping experience based on customer preferences and history.
  4. Healthcare Facilities: Patient identification and tracking, ensuring the right patient receives the correct treatment and medication, and improving overall patient management.
  5. Banking and Financial Services: Enhancing security in banking operations, ATM access, and personalized banking experiences through secure identity verification.
  6. Smart Cities and Public Safety: Integration with city surveillance systems for improved public safety, crowd management, and identification of persons of interest.
  7. Hospitality Industry: Personalizing guest experiences in hotels and resorts, offering seamless check-in/check-out processes, and enhancing security.
  8. Educational Institutions: Monitoring attendance, enhancing campus security, and providing access to restricted areas like laboratories and archives.
  9. Airports and Transportation Hubs: Streamlining security checks, and boarding processes, and enhancing overall traveler experience through quick and accurate identity verification.
  10. Event Management: Offering fast and secure access to event venues, VIP areas, and tracking attendee movement for safety and improved experience.


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