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Adisra Industrial IoT Edge SCADA V4.1 released

Adisra, in collaboration with Axiomtek Malaysia, is thrilled to announce the release of Adisra SmartView SCADA and HMI software version 4.1. This latest update introduces a host of innovative features designed to enhance user experience and provide greater versatility in industrial IoT and embedded system HMI applications. What’s New in Adisra SmartView 4.1? 1. Intuitive SmartView Launcher The all-new Adisra SmartView Launcher is your command center, offering quick access to various modules and essential resources. With a sleek, user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create new projects, open recent ones, and navigate through support documentation and knowledge base articles. It’s your one-stop hub for all things SmartView. 2. Expanded Linux Support Say hello to greater flexibility with Adisra SmartView 4.1’s support for various Linux distributions. Now, you can run applications on Linux-based hardware with the same functionalities as on Windows. This… Read More »Adisra Industrial IoT Edge SCADA V4.1 released

IPC based automation and machine vision solutions

IPC based Automation and Vision Machine Builder Solutions

7 Reasons why you should choose Axiomtek IPC Automation and Vision Machine builder solution   7 Reasons why Axiomtek IPC-based Automation and Vision Machine builder solutions are preferred Long product lifetime support up to 5-15 years Industrial grade Wide Temperature support Proven Track record in many industries over 30 years in the market Local Technical support with 2 or 3 years Warranty Software API and DLl support for integration Custom BIOS support for OEM and ODM Axiomtek Malaysia (Axmy)  has a unique solutions for Machine Automation and Vision solutions (  It is next gen and  most practical way of implementing and building a computer based Automation machines with vision inspections. We call it AXMY MAVX. The components of the whole engine covers the following areas:- 1. Sensing and actuating  2. Motion control and IO control 3. Vision Frame grabber –… Read More »IPC based Automation and Vision Machine Builder Solutions

axiomtek LLM server

Building a On Premise LLM Server with Axiomtek SERVER

During the Episode 53 of the “Sembang AIoT” sharing session on 14th of June 2024, we shared and discussed about the LLM ( Large Language Model) of Generative AI. Axiomtek Industrial Server platform was used as the sample server used in one of the Nvidia Standard LLM Server that serve a stand alone LLM server which is projecting a real usage of the On premise LLM Server that serve the industry.  An LLM, or Large Language Model, is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) designed to understand and generate human language. Here are some key points about LLMs: Architecture: LLMs are typically based on deep learning architectures, such as the Transformer model, which enables them to process and generate text in a sophisticated manner. Training Data: They are trained on vast amounts of text data from diverse sources, including books,… Read More »Building a On Premise LLM Server with Axiomtek SERVER

gen AI semabang aiot

Applications and impact of Generative AI to the industries

In the last two sessions of Sembang AIoT, we conducted an in-depth exploration of Generative AI, discussing its impact on our daily lives and various industries. We chose this topic to update our audience on the developments in Generative AI since its surge in popularity in 2022. During these sessions, we also examined the most popular Generative AI platforms to date and explored emerging contenders in this competitive field. Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new content from existing data. Unlike traditional AI that often categorizes or predicts based on given inputs, generative AI can produce text, images, music, and even videos. It operates through complex models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Variational Autoencoders (VAEs), which enable it to learn patterns and generate novel outputs that mimic the style and structure of… Read More »Applications and impact of Generative AI to the industries

AIOT robotic

Robotic technology and AIoT for industrial transformation

During the recent AIoT live session, we invited one of our Eco system partner specialized in robotics to do a sharing on the real case that they have done. In this application, customer utilize Axiomtek Industrial PC system to execute and automate the process. There are several different robotic technology available that help in the industrial transformation and  Robotics  arms come in various types and configurations, each suited for different applications and industries. Here are some common types of robotic arms used in industries: Articulated Robots: These robots have rotary joints that mimic the movement of human arms. They consist of multiple segments (links) connected by joints, allowing for a wide range of motion. Articulated robots are versatile and widely used in manufacturing for tasks such as welding, material handling, and assembly. SCARA Robots (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm): SCARA… Read More »Robotic technology and AIoT for industrial transformation

OT Cybersecurity

Importance of data security in industrial Transformation

Is Data security concern become the road block to Industrial Transformation?  That is the topic that we are discussing this round in our Episod 46 live chat on 26th of April 2024. What challenges arise regarding data security in the realm of industrial transformation? SME manufacturers are particularly concerned about exposing their data to the cloud or exchanging data over the internet. Cybersecurity threats are diverse and constantly evolving, but here’s an overview of some common ones: Phishing Attacks: Deceptive attempts to obtain sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details) by impersonating a trustworthy entity. Malware: Malicious software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems. This includes viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, and spyware. Social Engineering: Manipulating individuals into divulging confidential information or performing actions that compromise security, often through psychological manipulation or impersonation.… Read More »Importance of data security in industrial Transformation

AIOT session 45 Digital Twin

Enhancing Digital Twin with AIoT

What are the applications of Digital Twin? Can Digital Twin helps in the Manufacturing?  The discussion continued in the “Sembang AIoT” session episod 45 on 19th of April 2024 presented by the AIoT Team leaders Mr. CC Lee and Tan Kien Leong. What is Digital Twin?  Imagine having a virtual clone of a real-life object, like a car or a building. This virtual copy is constantly updated with real-time data from its real counterpart, so you can monitor, analyze, and even predict its behavior or performance without actually touching or seeing the physical object. It’s like having a magical mirror that shows you everything about something, even if it’s miles away! That’s basically what a digital twin is: a virtual representation of a physical thing, helping you understand and manage it better. In manufacturing, digital twins are used extensively for… Read More »Enhancing Digital Twin with AIoT

predictive analytic in smart manufacturing

AIoT predictive Analytic for Smart Manufacturing

There were several discussion that touched about deep learning AI  and Industrial IOT in manufacturing. Predictive analytic in Smart Manufacturing is the focus point in the Live chat in AIoT presented by Axiomtek Malaysia on the 12th of April. Why Predictive analytics is crucial in making sure the production plant is in smooth running condition? Predictive analytics plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of production plants for several reasons: Early Detection of Issues: Predictive analytics allows for the early detection of potential issues or failures in machinery or processes by analyzing historical data, sensor readings, and other relevant information. By identifying problems before they escalate, production downtime can be minimized or even prevented altogether. Optimized Maintenance Scheduling: By analyzing data on equipment performance and wear and tear, predictive analytics can help optimize maintenance schedules. Instead of relying on… Read More »AIoT predictive Analytic for Smart Manufacturing

AI data analytic in smart manufacturing

AI Data Analytic in Smart Manufacturing

” Sembang AIoT” live session was hosted by Axiomtek Malaysia again on the 6th of April 2024. In this session, AI Data Analytic for smart manufacturing was discussed in a greater depth where the challenges of applying AI data analytic was put on the table for discussion. What could be the main challenges in the application of AI data analytic in Smart Manufacturing? Data Quality and Availability: Manufacturing data may be noisy, incomplete, or of varying quality. Ensuring data accuracy and availability for training AI models is crucial. Interoperability and Integration: Manufacturing environments often use diverse systems and equipment, leading to interoperability challenges when integrating AI analytics across different platforms. Complexity of Processes: Manufacturing processes can be complex, involving numerous variables and interactions. Developing AI models that accurately capture and optimize these processes requires deep understanding and expertise. Real-time Decision… Read More »AI Data Analytic in Smart Manufacturing

Fog computing archietecture

Fog computing complements Edge and Cloud

The “Sembang AIoT” live session took place on March 29, 2024. Once again, the Axiomtek Malaysia AIoT Team shared insights into fog computing and its role in enhancing both Edge and Cloud computing for the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Why is fog computing crucial in the construction of the entire industrial transformation system? Why does it often receive less attention in digital transformation infrastructure discussions? Fog computing serves as an intermediary layer that shares similarities with both edge devices and cloud servers. However, upon closer examination, it emerges as a valuable enhancer and complement to Edge and Cloud computing. Why fog computing  in Smart Manufacturing:- Real-time Data Processing: In smart manufacturing, numerous sensors and devices generate vast amounts of data. Fog computing enables the processing of this data in real-time, allowing for immediate insights and decision-making at the edge of the… Read More »Fog computing complements Edge and Cloud