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Smart Traffic with AIoT for Smart City

Smart Traffic for Smart City

Traffic management is one of the key components in the building of Smart City. In the “Sembang AIOT session” , we are honored to be able to have Professor Dr. Lim of UTEM Melaka to share with us his experience on AIoT application in Smart Traffic in regards to Traffic Management.

In our recent session, we reminisced about childhood experiences with pedestrian crossings and traffic lights. We often encountered traffic light systems equipped with a push button, designed to aid pedestrians in crossing the road. However, despite our attempts to expedite the green signal, these systems frequently did not respond immediately, raising questions about their responsiveness and intelligence. For an in-depth discussion on this topic, please refer to our live session.

Additionally, we had a segment on product and solution sharing. This time, we highlighted the PT805, a compact yet impressive panel PC system. This device boasts a 5.5-inch wide screen LCD display, enhanced with an IPS PCAP touchscreen for superior visual quality. Its unique features include optional additions for RFID and NFC, expanding its utility in interactive applications like payment systems. Moreover, the PT805 can be used in both landscape and portrait modes and is compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems.


PT805 mini panel pc

Axiomtek PT805 5.5″ Mini WideScreen Panel PC system 

Brightness (cd/m2 ) 400 nits 

Resolution 720 x 1280

Viewing Angle

 (Up/Down/Left/Right) 80°/80°/80

CPU Intel® Celeron® processor N3350
(Apollo Lake), 1.10 GHz
System Memory On-board DDR3L-1866 2GB
Storage 1 x SATA socket for SATA DOM, OS
boot support
1 x eMMC 5.0 16GB, OS boot support
1 x MicroSD socket, storage only
Watchdog Timer 255 levels, 1 to 255 sec.
Onboard Graphics Integrated in Intel® GFX
I/O Connector 2 x USB 2.0
2 x COM
1 x DP
1 x Audio port with amplifier, up to 5W
1 x GbE LAN port
PT805 widescreen mini panel PC system

In the realm of traffic control, a key focus area for traffic management teams is the integration of IoT and AI sensors at traffic junctions to enhance operational intelligence. However, in Western countries, there’s a trend of reducing the number of sensors at these junctions due to high maintenance costs. Instead, the latest innovation involves equipping vehicles with necessary sensors that connect to a central system via 4G/5G networks, which are now fully operational. This approach of gathering data and uploading it to the cloud is seen as more efficient for managing traffic flow. This advancement leads to the emergence of “V2X” technology, standing for “Vehicle to Everything,” which represents a significant shift in how traffic systems interact with vehicles and their environment. That is also one of the Sustainability factors that this ” V2X” is able bring about in the building of the Smart City. 


There are many of the insightful points being discussed in the live session. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you find this relevant.