ECM300 Microbox industrial PC

ECM300 is a compact industrial PC or embedded PC system that passed the EMI pre-scan EN 55022 Class A verification. It is a customize IPC that supports Axiomtek industrial  MINI-ITX mainboard with the processors from Pentium, Celeron, Core I3,i5,i7, and even Xeon. It has 2 expansion slots it can be expanded from the mini ITX Pcie slot to 2 PCI or 2 PCIe or single PCiex16. Storage can be of solid-state disk Hard disk drive or both. The memory can be 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB, and up to 128GB. The operating temperature of our industrial PC is usually 0-60 degrees Celcius. Suggest referring to the datasheet of the particular board used.

Ubuntu Linux +
Windows 10 Pro /IOT +
Windows 7 pro / embedded +
Windows 11 +
Win-Graf IEC61131-3 +
Studio dot net +
Lab View +
Phyton +


● compact with 2 expansion slot Industrial PC
● Customized IPC with up to 2 expansion slots of PCI & PCIe for ATX version
● Supports Axiomtek MINI-ITX motherboard
● Pentium/ celeron / Core I 3, Core I5,I7, Xeon options
● Internal hard drive bays support HDD and SSD
● Equipped with 250W /300W industrial power supply
● One 8cm ball-bearing fan

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