WINGRAF Workbench and Runtime for Industrial PC

Win-GRAF Workbench Features

• Win-GRAF PC Runtime is a Windows based SoftPLC runtime
• Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
• EtherCAT motion control:

1. Real-time motion control in conjunction with the EtherCAT master PCIe card  ECAT-M801
2. PLCopen function blocks for single and multiple axes control
3. Supports all EtherCAT servo/stepper drives with a CiA402 drive profile
4. Control up to 32-axis with 0.5 ms cycle time

•  Communication protocol:

1. EtherCAT
2. Modbus TCP/RTU
3. OPC UA server

• Allows third party software integration via shared memory
• HMI driver for eLogger and Indusoft (AVEVA Edge)
• Programming interfaces for C/C++/C#/LabVIEW

►Support IEC 61131-3 Standard Open PLC Languages:    

1. LD  2. FBD   3. SFC   4. ST   5. IL

►Event-Triggered Data Binding  

A maximum of 32 PACs can be used for data binding

►Using ST Syntax in the FBD or LD Program

►Offline Simulation or Online Debugging/ Control/ Monitoring on PC

►Online Change

Replace the current running project to a new modified one without stopping the project.


Apply multi-recipes pre-defined in PC/Win-GRAF to PAC.


►Spy List

Show several selected variables in one Spy List window.

►Upload Source Code from a IPC to Development PC

The user can set the password for the Win-GRAF project and download it with the source code to the PAC. Then, you can upload it anytime if the project file on the PC is damaged. Note that the user needs to enable the function to download the source code first.


Win-GRAF Workbench is a powerful SoftLogic development software and is used for configuration, programming, and debugging. The workbench supports all standard softPLC programming languages such as Structure Text, Function Blocks, Ladder, Instruction List and Sequential Function Charts.

The workbench supports cold restart, hot restart and on-line changes. Multitasking programming with task priority and cycle time setting is possible. Tools are provided for event based communication between different Win-GRAF runtimes. The event are time based.HMI communication interfaces for Indusoft and eLogger (ICP DAS developed HMI) are part of the workbench tools. Programming interfaces for c++, c#, LabVIEW enables data exchange between runtime and third party software.

Using the Win-GRAF software with ICP DAS Win-GRAF PACs, the control/ monitor systems can easily implement in the industrial level of data acquisition and logic control in various industrial fields.

Win-GRAF Runtime Platforms

There are  variety of hardware platforms that support Win-GRAF:

Industrial PC Version:
♦ EtherCAT motion control on a standard Windows Industrial PC:
• Runtime has to be installed on a the PC and a the EtherCAT master card has to be plugged into the PCIe slot.
EtherCAT master card: ECAT-M801-xx




Axiomtek IPC running Win-Graf for automation and SCADA integration

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