ECAT-M801 EtherCAT Master PCIe interface board

PC-based motion control and real-time IO solution is one of the dominant components in building semiconductor-related machines, namely Automated test handler machines, laser marking machines, Automated tape and rail machines, Test and handler vision inspection machines, etc.

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an open, high-performance Fieldbus system that makes Ethernet technologies
available at the I/O level. EtherCAT provides flexible wiring, fast communication, and many other nice features. It needs a master to control
many slaves. ICP DAS provides PC master cards, for users to build their applications including motion control. These cards can offer multiaxis motion and I/O control functions by their own built-in CPU. In this way, the CPU loading of a PC can be reduced dramatically. In the
meanwhile, ICP DAS also provides many I/O slave modules for users to choose from. Since EtherCAT technology is an industry standard,
those modules can work together in a system with 3rd-party EtherCAT slaves as well.



• Up to 16 -axis motion control ( optional 32 axis)
• Up to 64 slaves
• Synchronized motion (E-GEAR, E-CAM)
• Virtual axes
• Multi-axis linear interpolation
• On board 13 DI and 13 DO
• On board 2 encoder interfaces with compare trigger output

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