Ax92351 Isolated PCIe Digital IO board

PC based IO control solution is one of the dominant component in building semiconductor related machine, namely Automated test handler machine, laser marking machine, Automated tape an reel machine, Test and handler vision inspection machine etc.

The AX92351 is a 64-ch isolated digital I/O PCI Express card with 2,000VDC isolation protection. This high-density digital I/O card with high-speed PCI Express x1 bus is excellent for use in applications requiring digital control or monitoring, such as semiconductor machinery, PC-based industrial machinery, programmable I/O logic control, and process status monitoring. The AX92351 features 32 isolated digital input channels and 32 isolated digital output channels with isolation protection of 2,000V for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required. It is equipped with a board ID feature for easy identification of multiple cards in single system. There is a digital filter function to prevent input signals from carrying noise or a chattering. Each isolated input has a sink or source current which supports dry and wet contact for maximum application flexibility. The card has a wide range of input voltage from 10 to 30V to meet most industrial application needs. The AX92351 also provides two interrupt sources on digital input channels. Digital output has open controller and supports maximum 30VDC. The read-back function is another useful function that allows monitoring each output port.




● 16-CH or 32-CH isolated digital input (compatibility: sink and source)
● 16-CH or 32-CH isolated digital output (with output status read back)
● Interrupt capability (smart interrupt)
● Digital filter function
● Supports board ID

● Microsoft windows 7 / 10 driver supported

● SDK / Sample codes for software programming like C#,C/C++,Visual Basic ( Labview optional) supported

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