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Jumpstart IR4 & Digital Transformation with AIoT jumpstart Kit

Learn more about our AIOT Jumpstart Program Today!

AIOT “Learn and implement” is a Jumpstarter kit that comes with 3 days training program that was tailored to SME manufacturers. SMEs who want to follow the industry 4.0 standard in managing and optimizing the manufacturing processes, this is the place to start.  Benefits of jump start kit in your process or business:-

  1.  An easier approach to tap on the relevant data in your production floor for your critical decision-making.
  2.  To be more efficient in decision decision-making based on real-time information.
  3.  An easier way to integrate all the data to your existing system from SAP to ERP system.
  4.  Reduction of manpower with the replacement of AI system in the selected process.
  5.  Gathering important data for a better quality management system.
  6.  Efficient management of your process via real-time collected data from your shop floor.
  • SME manufacturers / Owners / Directors / Managers/Planners/ process improvement team leaders 
  • Production planners / Production engineers / production managers
  • We welcome participating system integrators, Educator  in each industry’s sectors nationwide to work together to create a better service in each sector. 


To find out more before moving on to registration of this program. you may click on to the upcoming Online zoom webinar first to find our more.


To find out more about this program, please register at the register button below without any obligation:-

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