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IPC based Automation and Vision Machine Builder Solutions

IPC based automation and machine vision solutions

7 Reasons why you should choose Axiomtek IPC Automation and Vision Machine builder solution


7 Reasons why Axiomtek IPC-based Automation and Vision Machine builder solutions are preferred

  • Long product lifetime support up to 5-15 years
  • Industrial grade Wide Temperature support
  • Proven Track record in many industries over 30 years in the market
  • Local Technical support with 2 or 3 years Warranty
  • Software API and DLl support for integration
  • Custom BIOS support for OEM and ODM
IPC based automation
industrial pc based motion control

Axiomtek Malaysia (Axmy)  has a unique solutions for Machine Automation and Vision solutions (  It is next gen and  most practical way of implementing and building a computer based Automation machines with vision inspections. We call it AXMY MAVX. The components of the whole engine covers the following areas:-

1. Sensing and actuating 

2. Motion control and IO control

3. Vision Frame grabber – USB 3.x or Gig-e or 10x Ge

4. Compact industrial computer system.

Sensing and actuation:

The sensing and actuating part is driven by the remote distributed EtherCAT IO modules which is near read time ( 1ms or below) depending on the configuration. all optical sensors, or limits switches can be of PNP or PNP.  the output drivers of the IO can also be NPN or PNP depending on the configuration.

Motion Control:  

Motion control up to 64 axies are possible with the distributed channel of the EtherCAT Master card ECAT-M801 where servo motors or stepper motors with EtherCAT interface can be linked directly to the RJ45 connectors at the Master board. 

Vision Frame Grabber boards.

AXMY MAVX supports varieties of vision cameras via the Gig-e or USB 3.x interfaces with dedicated channels. Basler cameras has been tested with all our frame grabbers boards to have maximum throughput that allows the vision inspection to run at the top speed.

 Axiomtek Automation IPC 

 Axiomtek Compact IPC series comes with Fanless High performance CPU platform support up to the latest 13 and 14th gen of Intel Processors.  IO drivers and motions drivers with full dll allow the programmer to kick start their development quickly. Sample codes are also provided on the C++ and C# format to allow the the best time to market.

 Additionally, Axiomtek Malaysia offers Vision AI solutions that can work with the the current computer vision system to achieve complicated machine vision application.