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predictive analytic in smart manufacturing

AIoT predictive Analytic for Smart Manufacturing

There were several discussion that touched about deep learning AI  and Industrial IOT in manufacturing. Predictive analytic in Smart Manufacturing is the focus point in the Live chat in AIoT presented by Axiomtek Malaysia on the 12th of April. Why Predictive analytics is crucial in making sure the production plant is in smooth running condition? Predictive analytics plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of production plants for several reasons: Early Detection of Issues: Predictive analytics allows for the early detection of potential issues or failures in machinery or processes by analyzing historical data, sensor readings, and other relevant information. By identifying problems before they escalate, production downtime can be minimized or even prevented altogether. Optimized Maintenance Scheduling: By analyzing data on equipment performance and wear and tear, predictive analytics can help optimize maintenance schedules. Instead of relying on… Read More »AIoT predictive Analytic for Smart Manufacturing