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Non intrusive analogue meter reading using Axiomtek AI suite

In the Era of digitalization, almost all the old apparatus in measurement is now being relooked as data analytics has become vital in many important decision-making processes.

The smart meter enables remote and automated meter reading, however, in many industries, there are still a huge number of analog or gauges in operation. Human operators need to read the meter reading and log it down to enable the data to be used elsewhere. Someone might suggest replacing those analog meters with smart meters, but most of the time those gauges are not easily touched or tempered in some critical process as it might cause some unforeseen circumstances.

As far as digital transformation is concerned, Axiomtek Malaysia provides both Industrial AI and IoT solutions based on the Intel platform in most of the digital transformation processes specifically in the area of the manufacturing industry and industrial applications. One of the challenges is being able to tap onto some analogs meters or gauges and convert that to a digital format for data analytic purposes.

In achieving the above objective, we went into using Axiomtek AIS to make a non-intrusive analog to digital meter reading based on vision AI. A camera will be located in front of the meter/gauge to generate live video stream to Axiomtek AIS. Axiomtek AIS uses deep learning approach to locate the position of meter pointer and convert it to digital value. The digital value will then send to SCADA engine for display and logging purposes.

you may look at the short video below, it shows the successful first experiment by using the Axiomtek AIS and thanks for AIoTmission team ( One of the axiomtek AIoT traning and consultancy company) in making this happen.

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