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Adisra Industrial IoT Edge SCADA V4.1 released

Adisra IIOT SCADA V4.1 released

Adisra, in collaboration with Axiomtek Malaysia, is thrilled to announce the release of Adisra SmartView SCADA and HMI software version 4.1. This latest update introduces a host of innovative features designed to enhance user experience and provide greater versatility in industrial IoT and embedded system HMI applications.

What’s New in Adisra SmartView 4.1?

1. Intuitive SmartView Launcher
The all-new Adisra SmartView Launcher is your command center, offering quick access to various modules and essential resources. With a sleek, user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create new projects, open recent ones, and navigate through support documentation and knowledge base articles. It’s your one-stop hub for all things SmartView.

2. Expanded Linux Support
Say hello to greater flexibility with Adisra SmartView 4.1’s support for various Linux distributions. Now, you can run applications on Linux-based hardware with the same functionalities as on Windows. This expanded compatibility allows seamless integration with different PLCs and databases, enhancing data analysis and decision-making capabilities across diverse environments.

3. Enhanced Edge Computing and IoT Integration
Leverage the power of edge computing with Linux-based devices that efficiently process data from sensors, actuators, and PLCs. Adisra SmartView 4.1 excels in real-time decision-making and operational efficiency, making it perfect for smart city infrastructures, renewable energy monitoring, and oil and gas applications. The system ensures optimal performance by acting as a data concentrator, protocol converter, and data pre-processing device for distributed IoT networks.

4. Advanced Rule-Based System
Introducing a powerful rule-based system that mimics human decision-making through forward chaining reasoning. Create intelligent automation rules for tasks such as valve control and value adjustments based on real-time conditions.

This system enhances operational efficiency by integrating data from HMIs, enabling smart, rule-driven decision-making processes.

IIOT SCADA ADisra Smart view

Linux based IIOT EDGE SCADA  with Cloud integrated System 

rule based IIOT SCADA

5. User-Friendly Usability Enhancements

DateTimePicker Object: Simplifies date and time selection with an intuitive interface, making it easier to build applications that require date and time inputs.
Data Grid Object: Customize column alignments, enable word wrap, and utilize multi-selection during execution for a more flexible data presentation.

Enhanced Text Box: Ensure data integrity with numeric input validation, providing error messages for values outside predefined ranges.
6. Improved Development Environment
Experience a modern, ribbon-based Windows interface that streamlines project development. Seamlessly access graphics, alarms, trends, recipes, reports, and scripting tools, all within a cohesive development environment. The unified application distribution supports local, web, and mobile viewers, making it easier to manage and deploy your projects.

7. Robust Redundancy and Licensing Management

Redundancy Tab: Ensure data integrity with comprehensive system redundancy information for critical applications.
Licensing Tab: Manage licenses effortlessly with hard-key and soft-key options, including tools for generating site codes and validating licenses.
8. Powerful Remote Management Tools
Windows users can now connect to Linux machines using remote management tools, allowing for application transfers, license management, and debugging. This feature enhances the versatility and reach of Adisra SmartView in various industrial settings.

Discover the Future of SCADA and HMI with Adisra SmartView 4.1
Adisra SmartView 4.1 sets a new benchmark in SCADA and HMI software, offering enhanced capabilities and greater flexibility for industrial applications. To see these features in action, watch our demo video. For any inquiries or support, our team is always ready to assist you.

Explore the future of industrial automation with Adisra and Axiomtek Malaysia. Visit our website for more information and stay updated with our latest innovations and enhancements.

To find out more about AdisRa IIOT SCADA V 4.1 . contact us at +60377731203  or email us at [email protected].