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Vision AI OCR on Digital display -RTD IoT sensor to Cloud

The extended version of ” Sembang AIoT” sharing kick started with Vision AI OCR where in this case, digital meters are used as one of the source data AI data for the AI OCR engine to extract the Text from the different types of meters and indicators.  Again, the Non intrusive data extraction concept were discussed. That make us to recall the first version of  non intrusive data extraction kits that we showed case in one of the IoT summit event in Penang organized by Intel Malaysia. In that demonstration, we showed the non intrusive data extraction with the industrial ebox IPC intercepting the VGA output from the simulated machine data and the video were scoped and extracted using the OCR engine that run on the ebox iPC. like the picture below. you can still find some pictures in our… Read More »Vision AI OCR on Digital display -RTD IoT sensor to Cloud