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Non Intrusive data extraction with AIoT

“Non-Intrusive Data Extraction has been highlighted as a pivotal topic in the current “jom! lets sembang AIOT” live session, primarily due to its position as a highly cost-effective and efficient method of data extraction, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and IIoT technology. As your trusted AIoT partner, Axiomtek Malaysia is committed to providing a tangible, real-life experience with AIoT solutions encompassing both software and hardware components. But what exactly is “non-intrusive data extraction”? Before delving into its essence, let’s explore the conventional method of data extraction in manufacturing processes. Typically, existing indicators such as flow meters and temperature probes are already in place on machines. The intrusive method of data extraction involves using IO modules or transmitter modules with additional sensors or tapping into existing sensors, requiring intricate wiring and termination at the equipment or machine. This method entails… Read More »Non Intrusive data extraction with AIoT