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MQTT protocol for smart manufacturing

iiot architecture

commoditize your data with the help of AIoT

Join us for a live session hosted by Axiomtek Malaysia, your premier AIoT partner, on March 22, 2024. Discover the immense value of data in shaping the future, particularly in the context of commoditizing or monetizing your data right at your shop floor, especially within the manufacturing process. In the age of digitization, with advancements in AI and IoT technologies, datasets are gaining unprecedented utility. The availability of robust computing power enables deep data analytics and machine learning, enhancing the value of data sets. Those who have diligently maintained their historical data stand at a significant advantage, as they can leverage this data to optimize their processes with AI assistance. Moreover, such data holds immense value for others engaging in similar processes or initiating startups in related domains, as they can learn from and kickstart their operations with pre-trained AI… Read More »commoditize your data with the help of AIoT