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Axiomtek IIoT Edge HMI-new tool for Digital Transformation

Introducing Axiomtek Industrial IoT edge HMI Industrial IoT and AI are two critical components in most digital transformation processes, especially in the making of Smart manufacturing. With over 30 years of industrial experience in the market, Axiomtek knows very well about what the industries need. One of the smart manufacturing processes is data collection where all the shop floor data is needed to provide a more transparent process flow to the users at all levels. Axiomtek provides a versatile Touch Panel system platform that acts as an IoT edge HMI with the aid of edge automation tools such as Teslascada Edge and IWS edge.  both software engine has been tested and applied in many different industrial Applications. Some of the key features are as follows: – Interactive touch with resistive and capacitive to serve different requirements on the shop floors… Read More »Axiomtek IIoT Edge HMI-new tool for Digital Transformation