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Fog computing complements Edge and Cloud

The “Sembang AIoT” live session took place on March 29, 2024. Once again, the Axiomtek Malaysia AIoT Team shared insights into fog computing and its role in enhancing both Edge and Cloud computing for the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Why is fog computing crucial in the construction of the entire industrial transformation system? Why does it often receive less attention in digital transformation infrastructure discussions? Fog computing serves as an intermediary layer that shares similarities with both edge devices and cloud servers. However, upon closer examination, it emerges as a valuable enhancer and complement to Edge and Cloud computing. Why fog computing  in Smart Manufacturing:- Real-time Data Processing: In smart manufacturing, numerous sensors and devices generate vast amounts of data. Fog computing enables the processing of this data in real-time, allowing for immediate insights and decision-making at the edge of the… Read More »Fog computing complements Edge and Cloud