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Axiomtek AIOT in Smart Nation 2023

AIoT highlight during Smart Nation 2023 Expo

Axiomtek Malaysia show cased Vision edge AI and IIoT edge computing platform in Smart Nation 2023 Expo This year Smart Nation 2023 Expo fall on the 19th to 21st of Sept 2023. Axiomtek Malaysia again took part in the exhibition. This is one of the initiative by Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade where there are several companies including Axiomtek to show case the latest technological products and solutions for the smart manufacturing. Axiomtek showcased our our AIoT solution at Taiwan pavillion during the Expo. Axiomtek took this opportunity to create several case studies and actual applications in the industries. Starting with Vision AI on supervised and unsupervised Deep learning application in object detection and anomaly detection in quality control. It is then followed by the industrial IoT computing platforms such as IIoT edge gateway and edge HMI that established a data collection… Read More »AIoT highlight during Smart Nation 2023 Expo