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Autonomous mobile Robot with AIoT

When AMR meeting AIoT

Autonomous Mobile Robot is one of the key components in the process of Industry 4.0 . In this Sembang AIoT live session, We share and present the building of AMR with a most simplified open frame type of AMR Structure especially Demonstrating how the AMR most important part is the engine of the AMR that can be built with Axiomtek’s latest industrial low power embedded pc. The AMR building Support package is the one that acts as a good guide in the building of industrial AMR for any industrial applications. This Lab version of AMR is made by Scuttle robot one of the partners of Axiomtek Malaysia on ROS2 ( The Robotics OS 2) as  a Kickstarter pack for anyone who wants to start up any development of ROS2 AMR on a Intel based Platform. It is equipped with Axiomtek… Read More »When AMR meeting AIoT