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AIOT Throwback 2023

Sembang AIoT Throwback 2023

This is the last live session of Sembang AIoT and we did a throwback AIOT 2023. If you are the follower of us you will definitely remember the first session of Sembang AIoT was conducted in a ” not very properly set” manner where the resolution of the recording was actually not good. It was on the 24th of May 2023, we started the sharing with a very interesting talk about the AI Machine learning with one of the tiny KIWI310 embedded board.  Vibration sensor with Modbus RTU was taken as a data source for Anomaly detection using the Machine Learning AI.       Started with KIWI310 on the very first session of Sembang AIOT, It end with the AIOT Throwback 2023 in the last session of sembang AIOT. What a nice closing!  Indeed the first and second session of the sembang AIoT… Read More »Sembang AIoT Throwback 2023