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Axiomtek Sembang AIoT on AI AMR

Empowering AMR with Vision AI for Enhanced Capabilities

In the 26th installment of “Sembang AIoT,” we embark on a nostalgic journey revisiting the memories of the “IoT Breakfast Talk” held five years ago in the lobby of Axiomtek Malaysia’s building. During this insightful breakfast discussion, we delved into IoT communication protocols such as Lorawan, Sigfox, and NB IoT. Notably, we introduced our pioneering Azured-certified IIoT gateway ICO300-E3827, while the ICO100 with embedded SCADA, like the Indusoft Web Studio, proved equally impressive in executing various IIoT functionalities. Fast forward to the present, our focus has shifted to AMR and AI in this session. Axiomtek Malaysia showcases the practical applications of AMR using the built-in embedded system or AMR controller. This innovative controller enables seamless integration with the latest Intel GPU technology on the processor. Leveraging the power of GPU alongside inferencing tools like Open Vino, the AI process with… Read More »Empowering AMR with Vision AI for Enhanced Capabilities