ECAT-2091S Single axis Ethercat Motion control Module

PC-based motion control solution is one of the dominant components in building semiconductor-related machines, namely Automated test handler machine, laser marking machine, Automated tape and rail machines, Test and handler vision inspection machines, etc.

The ECAT-2091S stepper motor controller is a cost-eff ective, two-phase bipolar stepper driver. A motor voltage range between 6 and 46
VDC and a peak motor coil current of 1.5 A/phase without cooling is being supported. When operating in a properly ventilated environment
(cooling fan) the ECAT-2091S can drive the motor at a current level of up to 2.0 A/phase. The maximum running motor current, microstep
resolution and other motion parameters are software selectable.
The ECAT-2091S is a standard EtherCAT slave and an EtherCAT master is required to operate the device. The ECAT-2091S supports three
operation modes: Free-Run, SM synchron and Distributed Clock (DC).

  • Features

    • 1 x Stepper motor (2-phase bipolar stepper motor)
    • Drive capability up to 1.5 A/phase coil current (with proper cooling and airflow up to 2.0 A/phase)
    • Voltage range of the motor: 6 to 46 VDC
    • 1 x 5V power supply for encoder. Limitation: the output current should not exceed 150 mA
    • 1 x Encoder interfaces (A, B, Z), differential
    • 2 x Digital input: Reference switch input, latch input
    • 1 x Digital output
    • Highest resolution: 256 microsteps per full step
    • Automatic current reduction to reduce heat when motor is not moving
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Optically isolated I/O
    • LED indicators for I/O, EtherCAT and motion status
    • EtherCAT:
    ‣ 2 x RJ-45 bus interface
    ‣ Distance between stations up to 100 m (100BASE-TX)
    ‣ Support daisy chain connection
    ‣ EtherCAT conformance test tool verified
    ‣ Supports Free-Run, SM synchron and Distributed Clock (DC) operation modes
    • Removable terminal block connector

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