TeslaSCADA Multiplatform SCADA & HMI software

TeslaSCADA is a SCADA and HMI solution for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems to direct access to production and process data, using the most familiar industrial communication protocols – Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO/TCP, Ethernet/IP, FINS/TCP(UDP), MQTT and OPC UA. The communication drivers are embedded and communicate directly with your PLC using direct TCP/IP links with minimal configuration. Also in Industrial Internet of Things with technologies such as OPC UA integrated into TeslaSCADA2, it is possible to safely get encrypted data from the cloud and from enterprise level systems to monitor machine and manufacturing data remotely, and simply take the HMI anywhere. Supporting Web-Server.

Ubuntu Linux +
Windows 10 IoT +


  • Supported Modbus Devices
    • Any device that supports Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocols.
    • Modbus RTU devices through an ethernet to serial gateway.

    Supported Siemens Controllers

    • S7-1200 direct.
    • S7-400.
    • S7-300.

    Supported Allen-Bradley Controllers

    • ControlLogix.
    • CompactLogix.
    • Micrologix.
    • SLC500

    Supported Omron Controllers

    • Omron CS1, CJ1 and newest.

    Supported OPC UA Servers *

    • All servers that supports OPC UA protocol.

    Supported MQTT Servers

    • All servers that supports MQTT protocol.

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