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Smart data for AI

IIoT sensors to Cloud and smart Data to AI

There are many processes in manufacturing that require heating, for heating, we couldn’t run away from measuring the temperature. Heating processes that do forging on the metal, welding, boiling, pasteurizing, Drying and many other processes require a precise temperature to ensure good product quality. What are the main sensors for measuring temperature? and What are the IIoT device that allows us to digitize the reading for monitoring and control and also provide a good visualization with good data analytics at the cloud level? these are the main subjects we were discussing in this ” Sembang AioT session”. There are three types of temperature sensors that are widely used in industries. 1. Thermocouples (TCs): Working Principle: Based on the Seebeck effect, where a voltage is produced when two different metals are joined together and the junction is heated. Application: Used in… Read More »IIoT sensors to Cloud and smart Data to AI