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Predictive maintenance with AIoT

Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway for Predictive Maintenance

IIoT and AI for predictive maintenance How many times have your manufacturing process get interrupted due to the machine down time? Imagine harnessing the power of AIoT for predictive maintenance. * AIoT & Predictive Maintenance * Preventive maintenance vs predictive maintenance – which is more efficient? *  IoT Device that helps in gathering crucial data for predictive maintenance That was the title of the #11 ” JOM! lets Sembang AIoT”. During the live sharing on the Predictive Maintenance with AI and Industrial IoT, Tan Kien Leong has started with the brief introduction of how the maintenance process was carried out in the past and what are the limitation with the process of maintenance being performed in the old days. One of the recently practiced  preventive maintenance is used to make a comparison to the newly introduced Prediction Maintenance. Preventive maintenance… Read More »Axiomtek IIoT edge gateway for Predictive Maintenance