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PC based Io board -Smart Interupt

Smart interrupt IO board

PC-based IO board with Smart Interrupt function Newly introduced 32 channels and 64 channels DiO board AX92351 has a special features as below:-     PCie x 1 interface 16 Isolated DI and 16 Isolated DO or 32 Isolated DI and 32 Isolated DO Smart IRQ ( interrupt function) – Any combination of DI is able to trigger the interrupt INT0 / INT1 Digital Filter – up to 16 stages of DI inputs support different Digital signal filtering Dll provided / Support C / C#, C++ & LabviewSmart IRQ ( interrupt function) It comes with DI channels that support both sink and source input types for maximum application flexibility. The AX92351 card also integrates digital filter and I/O interrupt (smart interrupt) functions, making it specifically suitable for factory automation, industrial ON/OFF control, and switch status sensing. The pictures above show how… Read More »Smart interrupt IO board