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AIOT smart manufacturing SME

AIoT in smart manufacturing for SME

This session of live sharing falls on the 1 day before Malaysia Day. We took this opportunity to wish all Happy Malaysia Day while discussing the application of AI and IoT in smart manufacturing. One of the biggest challenges for SMEs is the investment in the technology in their operation especially in the building of IR4.0 processes.  Based on the recently published news in the MIDA website, the closing date of the Industry4WRD Intervention fund application will be closed on the same day today on 15th of Sept 2023. This is actually a very good funding for SME amounting up to RM 500,000.00 where it is based on 70/30, where the government is taking up 70% of the whole funding.  In the sharing, we also touched on something where most SMEs is most concerned with the productivity and efficiency of… Read More »AIoT in smart manufacturing for SME