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AIoT RTU ( Remote Terminal Unit)

Building New AIoT capable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

During the Sembang AIoT live session, we shared one of the Malaysia IoT Association’s events that we attended on empowering ESG with IoT. Once again non-intrusive data extraction with AI was brought up in the presentation. It is a shortcut to extract important data more easily with either a camera or the video extracted from the existing system. Legacy systems with operating system like DOS, Windows XP, and Win 2000 that run in most of the old machine is not easy to extract. Usually, it requires substantial effort in programming and integration. AIoT Non-Intrusive Connect solution comes with the system display interception device and then fed to the AI engine to translate the video into Digital data. The extracted Data can be easily shared over API calls, MQTT, or text files. Of course with AIoT edge connect cloud platform or… Read More »Building New AIoT capable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)