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Smart manufacturing with AIOT

Smart Manufacturing with industrial IoT and AI from Axiomtek Malaysia

AI and IoT serve as critical cornerstones of smart manufacturing, bringing about digital transformation in the industrial sector. Welcome to the first episode of ” Jom ! lets Sembang AIoT,” our live channel dedicated to discussing Industrial IoT and AI for smart manufacturing. Before we delve deeper into our subject, let’s remind ourselves of the four foundational design principles of Industry 4.0, which guide the evolution and implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Interoperability: This principle emphasizes the need for machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other. Interoperability allows for the seamless sharing of information across different systems and stakeholders. This can involve the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of People (IoP), and other connected technologies. Information Transparency: With Industry 4.0, the collection and communication of information become much more seamless and transparent, providing operators with vast… Read More »Smart Manufacturing with industrial IoT and AI from Axiomtek Malaysia