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AI edge facial recognition

AI edge Facial recognition for workspace safety

Axiomtek Malaysia is actively involve in the innovation of AIOT solutions in many industry. In the 12th ” lets Sembang AIoT” our main topic is about the AI object detection and Facial recognition.  During this  second segment of our live stream, we delved into the realm of Vision AI, specifically focusing on facial recognition. This topic shed light on the potential applications of Vision AI in enhancing workplace safety. The principles behind facial recognition can be adapted using various AI models. Object detection methodologies can be integrated to establish an efficient workspace safety and security system, especially when combined with affordable standard IP cameras available in the market.    In this session, Kien Leong demonstrated how facial recognition AI algorithms are implemented. Our team members also participated, showcasing the capabilities of Vision AI in real-time. In this “Let’s Sembang AIoT,” we also… Read More »AI edge Facial recognition for workspace safety