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AI data analytic in manufacturing

AI data analytic in smart manufacturing

AI Data Analytic in Smart Manufacturing

” Sembang AIoT” live session was hosted by Axiomtek Malaysia again on the 6th of April 2024. In this session, AI Data Analytic for smart manufacturing was discussed in a greater depth where the challenges of applying AI data analytic was put on the table for discussion. What could be the main challenges in the application of AI data analytic in Smart Manufacturing? Data Quality and Availability: Manufacturing data may be noisy, incomplete, or of varying quality. Ensuring data accuracy and availability for training AI models is crucial. Interoperability and Integration: Manufacturing environments often use diverse systems and equipment, leading to interoperability challenges when integrating AI analytics across different platforms. Complexity of Processes: Manufacturing processes can be complex, involving numerous variables and interactions. Developing AI models that accurately capture and optimize these processes requires deep understanding and expertise. Real-time Decision… Read More »AI Data Analytic in Smart Manufacturing