IIoT Jumpstart kit OEE series With LTE


  • Easy-to-do device management
  • Rich software interfaces reserved for system integration
  • Graphic interface for programming
  • Rugged design with high compatibility
  • Variety of protocol support MQTT, Restful API, OPC UA, MODBUS, SIEMEN, ALLEN BRADLY, OMRON, ETHERNET/IP, BACnet/IP
  • Notification support – Email, Telegram, GSM (SMS)
  • Ready to field industrial-grade IIoT gateway with Din Rail mountable
  • WIFI + LTE 4G industrial Router
  • Comprehensive IIoT training with OEE CASE study

The IIot Jumpstart kit for IoT Modbus gateway solution is a plug-and-play solution with integrates hardware platform and software service for IoT applications.
The hardware platform, ICO100-839, is based on the Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 and runs with Linux OS
with AXview 3.0 and Tiny SCADA engine running. 

The AXView 3.0 is a web-based management suite with a plug-in Modbus (RTU and TCP) protocol for helping users configure 

their settings and communication with Modbus devices quickly and conveniently. While the  tiny SCADA engine take on industrial standard protocol to major PLC such as SIEMEN,ALLEN BRADLEY,OMRON,BACnet

The AXView 3.0 also combines a browser-based programming editor, Node-RED, for designing data flow more friendly and easily. Thru AXView 3.0, users can do data processing and monitoring, event notifying, dashboard
designing, and uploading data to Microsoft Azure and AWS. Even user can build up their RESTful/web-socket service and message pushing with MQTT. There are sensors and a Modbus-supported analog-to-digital connector in the starter kit, and a simple hands-on lab is designed for user to familiar with IoT Gateway Solution quickly.  

It comes with WIFI and LTE module