ET-7083 Ethernet I/O Module with 3-ch Encoder/Counter Inputs

  • Features

    • Built-in Web Server
    • Web HMI
    • Support for both Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP Protocols
    • Communication Security
    • Dual Watchdog
    • Built-in I/O
      • 3-Axis 32-bit encoder/counter inputs
      • 1 MHz max. for Quadrant mode
      • 4 MHz max. for CW/CCW, Pulse/Direction mode
      • Counter Value Retention


The ET-7083 is a 3-axis high speed encoder/counter module. Each axis can be individually configured for Quadrant, Pulse/Direction, or CW/CCW counting modes. The maximum input rate for Quadrant counting mode is 1 MHz, and for Pulse/Direction, CW/CCW counting modes is 4 MHz. The encoder/counter module is equipped with a FRAM to retain the counter value after it is powered off. FRAM is a nonvolatile memory that can hold written data even after it is powered off. The data retention can be 10 years. And the feature can be configured as enabled or disabled.


Building Automation, Factory Automation, Machine Automation, Remote Maintenance, Remote Diagnosis, and Testing Equipment.